I'll do the codin' around here, Baba Looey

I am a software engineer by day.

Here's some stuff I've written.

If you use this code and your system implodes or the sun falls into the sea, it's not my fault!

GeSHi and GeSHi Filter Rock!

Hot Bots
This is not standalone code. It is meant to be used in a Drupal sidebar and is configured here for my particular setup. I'm posting it as an example in case someone would like to do something similar.

I recently brought my Botaday blog into Drupal 6. I could not get the Blogger Importer to work. Instead of troubleshooting the importer, I decided to write my own importer in Perl.

I used wget to dump the blog to text files on my machine, and then used postx to import it.

This is by NO MEANS FINISHED SOFTWARE. Use this only as a starting point - you will probably have to modify it here and there to get it to work for you. There is a decent amount of comments in the code - I love to comment code

A Perl script which will gather info from Zap2Its TV listings and output an XMLTV file for use with mythtv.

Tnews 09/28/2012
The PHP code to put a single tweet in the sidebar with a link to the tweet page

Onety 10/12/2012
Code to authenticate with Twitter's new API, get your latest Tweet and write it out as HTML.