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Welcome to the world's only Art Humor Blog.

I started putting up images in September, 2005 after I realized that some of the things I scribbled during meetings and phone calls, when scanned in, looked almost like intentional drawings.

Initially, the things I drew were cartoonish mixtures of the organic and mechanical and could best be described as tiny robots. I figured I could easily draw enough to put a new one up every day - a robot a day - so Bot-a-day was born.

Of course, it didn't take long for me to run out of things to post and break the one-a-day pledge. The site stumbled along for years, sometimes going weeks without an update, as blogs often do.

I tried pure cartooning, stream-of-consciousness drawings and entered challenges in attempts to develop a sustainable working relationship with my muse.

In early 2012, I found the combination that I follow today - illustrating puns, misheard words and inane portmanteaus.

Starting in February 2012, I paused the other online projects I had going and began concentrating solely on Botaday, posting something every day.

I use Twitter to announce new posts and shamelessly promote older ones on the flimsiest relevance to current events.

In other words, befriending someone who follows me on Twitter is the second third-best way of finding out about new 'bots.

The first best way to keep up with new images is the Daily Image newsletter. Subscribe here

Selected posts with marginally coherent information about my work:

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First big makeover:

After I transferred Botaday from Blogspot to Drupal in early 2012, I went through the first couple hundred posts and added some observations.
This is thrilling stuff - like DVD commentary, only about my drawings.
These "updates" are identified by a blue-green background just like the background of this text. (For those of you with black&white computers, well, that's unfortunate)


This site runs on Drupal, a Content Management System.

I don't believe it was intended to be used for comics, but it was intended to be used as a blogging platform (among many, many other things).

I have done a fair amount of customization to this installation and if you have questions about configuring a Drupal 6 installation in a similar fashion, don't hesitate to contact me.


I actually have MyLinkedTumblPlusFace accounts (I'm mmrtnt on all of them), but I just don't get time to use them much.

Email and Twitter are the best ways to contact me:

Email: mmrtnt

Twittter: @botaday

Thanks for stopping by!